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We are pleased to introduce our company, Cathymater familias Limited, hereafter refers to as CMF Ltd. CMF Ltd is a young and reputable company which is into Fabrication, sourcing (locally & Internationally) and supplying of raw materials/finished products and general logistics. It is registered under the company and allied matter decree of 1990, to do business with registration number RC 787306. As a company on the side of growth, we have a young subsidiaries: marvolutions Solutions and Marvolutions online shop

Our Solutions

Based on your current situation, we source ,stock and supply all designs of finished, semi‐finished products(Bill of materials) and items used in assembling all Machinery(oil & Gas, Marine, Industrial etc.), GEP series and its sound proofs such as rain caps, exhaust mufflers, hinges, elbows, bolts and nuts, Auto mufflers(Mercedes benz,Scania,Volvo,Kenworth,DAF,Tractor etc.) to mention a few. In fact we are into general merchandise, just tell us what you need and we can go to coma to source it for you with agreed minimal profit margin. Our company have strong capability across Europe, Asia and United States in sourcing old/new products design and development which enable us to meet different requirements from customers. In production management, our manufacturers have advance production equipment and flexible mode in production to meet customers’ “more variety, small batch” demand. In order to reduce the production costs, we have introduced the ‘Lean Operation’ and achieved great success. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to product quality and our products have passed ISO Test.

Our Methodology

In addition to our limited fabrication capacity (quantity of production at a time) we have partners locally and internationally across Nigeria, Europe – Turkey, Germany, UK and Asia – China, Singapore, Korea and United States of America depending on the specification of your order. We keep to the delivery time agreed when raising the local Purchasing Order (LPO) and further ensure that quality is NEVER compromised as it is our watch word to keep to our clients`specification.Our Core Business areas include but not limited to: Sourcing locally and internationally of raw materials, semi‐finished & finished products and items such as electrical or mechanical designs etc. Fabrication of any specific mechanical/electrical component designs General Logistic supply and contracts

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